Gums may withdraw due to several reasons.

Brushing teeth too hard, using the wrong toothbrush or underlying periodontal conditions are just a couple of examples. First, the causes need to be identified and taken care of permanently; only then can the aesthetic issue of withdrawn gums be treated. The most effective solution for that is to cover the dental neck with connective tissue. It prevents further gum recession and protects the teeth from gingival caries. The treatment also decreases cervical sensitivity and makes your smile even more beautiful.

Periodontal surgery is necessary when the tissue surrounding the teeth is not healthy and cannot be recovered in a non-surgical way. The most common treatments:

  • Pocket regression surgery
    This treatment is necessary when pockets in the mouth are too deep for proper cleaning of the teeth-surface at home. With the help of a periodontologist, these pockets can be made cleanable.
  • Periodontal plastical surgery
    This type of surgery is carried out when the bone tissue surrounding the tooth has necrosed. In this case a variety of regenerative techniques can be applied to replace lost bone tissue thus supporting the tooth and make the surrounding gum taut.
  • Crown extension
    During this kind of surgery we reformat gums and bones in order for them to cover less (and show more) of the teeth. The surgery can achieve spectacular results when someone's smile has a bad "teeth/gum" ratio.
  • Implantation of connective tissue

Visible dental necks and roots are direct consequences of periodontitis and results in long teeth which are by no means aesthetic. The dental necks and roots are also highly sensitive to both hot and cold temperatures which is really unpleasant.

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