Kinesiotape, ACU tape

Kinesiotaping helps restore muscle function, reduce pain and accelerate healing

Kinesiotaping, or "ACU" taping

Kinesiotape was developed by Kenzo Kase. When applied properly, the tape gently pulls the skin away from other tissues underneath it (muscles, tendons, joints) to improve blood flow and lymphatic circulation, which restores muscle function, reduces pain and accelerates healing. Kinesiotape also regulates muscle tone, shrinks swollen tissue, resolves psychovegetative disorders, and serves as a local immune stimulant and local anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, it is highly effective against a great variety of medical conditions, including:
muscle-, back- and lower back pain, strains, sprains, arthritis and joint abrasion, bad posture, carpel tunnel, spinal disc problems (herniated spinal disc or post-surgical pain), sport-related injuries and lymphatic swelling.

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