Surgery under general anesthesia

Anaesthesia helps overcome fear and pain during dental surgery

At Rock Rose Dental-Medical, we believe that easing anxiety and pain of our patients is just as important in the therapy as the surgery itself.

Thanks to breakthroughs of modern science, today there are several safe and reliable options of anesthesia that can be applied safely even at private clinics. Anesthesia is performed by a licensed anesthesiologist who is present at the surgery for its entire duration. The anesthesiologist of our team is also a trained professional in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The combination of the two sciences enables us to use smaller amounts of sedatives yet achieve a longer lasting effect.

Anesthesia is planned in accordance with our patient's needs and considering the type and duration of the surgery. Vital functions of the patient (EKG, heart rate and oxygen saturation) are monitored over the entire duration of anesthesia. Patients in good health do not need medical examination before surgery. However, patients who suffer from any systematic or other serious disease/medical condition (heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, taking blood thinner, etc.) or mental disability (who cannot undergo any surgery without general anesthesia due to lack of cooperation) have to undergo medical examination before general anesthesia is performed. In this case, aspects of the medical examination is determined in advance by an anesthesiological consultation.

Going under general anesthesia requires an empty stomach. Patients must not eat or drink anything for 6-8 hours before the surgery. Regularly taken medication has to be swallowed with not more than a sip of water. After general anesthesia, patients are not allowed to drive a car or leave our dental center unattended. At home, presence and supervision of a relative is recommended due to the temporary loss of memory that patients experience for the time of the procedure.

Advantages of general anesthesia

  • Complete numbness
  • All wisdom teeth can be removed at the same time
  • Ease of anxiety and fear
  • Significantly less need for painkillers after surgery
  • No memories of the surgery at all.

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