Painless dentistry

We combine Western and Eastern medicine to reduce our patient's fear and anxiety and ease their pain.

Many of us are afraid of going to the dentist's and this keeps us from doing so, even if we know that the more we wait, the worse our problems get. Some patients are afraid with no particular reason, others cannot get over the scary childhood memory of being taken to the dentists. They tortured some of us, which is hard to forget… To make matters even worse, scary urban legends are also there to terrify us.

One thing is certain: in most heads, the dentist's office is a place of discomfort and pain. We believe that it doesn't have to be like that anymore!

Our office bears the name of a herb, rock rose. It is used to ease panic and fear. It is even part of  Bach Flower Therapy's first aid to reduce panic.

Rock Rose Dental-Medical combines techniques from both Western and Eastern medicine to reduce our patient's fear and anxiety and ease their pain. During our first consultation we get to know our patients, including their temperament, general well-being, openness to a number of therapies and remedies, and we ask for their personal requests and ideas. Together we decide what to use to aid the effect of local anesthesia: mild medicinal substances, sedatives, or acupuncture. Nowadays, acupuncture is becoming increasingly popular among dental professionals. It helps keeping surgeries painless,  eases anxiety and pain of the healing process. It can also serve as a supplementary therapy of more complex surgeries.

To our patients who prefer the western medical approach, we recommend sedation or general anesthesia. For the fastest recovery possible, patients have to feel safe and not be afraid. Rock Rose Dental-Medical achieves that by providing personalized treatment for everyone.

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