Cosmetic dentistry

Science meets art

What is cosmetic dentistry?

It is neither a standalone scientific discipline nor a given set of treatments, but rather a combination of all available treatments in the fields of dentistry and oral surgery, with one single purpose: to create the aesthetically, functionally and biologically perfect teeth and smile for our patients.

In other words, personalized treatment. We examine your teeth and compose a complex treatment that restores the health of your mouth as if all you ever had was beautiful, snow-white teeth and healthy pink gums.

Rock Rose Dental-Medical has experience in a wide range of cases and besides restoring functionality, it places great emphasis on appearance, as well. A healthy and beautiful smile greatly contributes to a harmonious facial image. Cosmetic dentistry provides anyone with a great variety of options. (These treatments include smile makeovers, dental implants, periodontal treatment, Zoom teeth whitening, and ceramic veneers).

At Rock Rose Dental-Medical treatments are preceded by careful personalized planning;  we analyze the patients' facial anatomy and its overall harmony and take into consideration the changes they wish to see.

Teeth whitening

We provide two types of whitening systems: one that can be taken home by our patients, and a chair-side one-hour Zoom whitening treatment at our office.

It is important to note that whitening is achieved by physical diffusion. The whitening gel dissolves food color additives from the enamel prisms and ideally replaces them with fluorine. Thus, it doesn't damage enamel only cleans it. To ensure that instead of new food coloring molecules, fluorine is getting into the enamel tissue during the whitening process it is crucial to avoid any food or drinks that contains coloring substances (e.g.: coffee, tea, red wine… Everything colored).

In both cases, whitening is preceded by a very thorough dental-hygienic treatment so that any tartar or plaque is removed in order to maximize the area of enamel-surface exposed to the whitening gel. Similarly, pink, healthy gums that are free of inflammation is a prerequisite for the treatment.

Whitening at home

Based on a mold, we make a whitening-film for you. You have to put on some whitening gel every day for two weeks (the length of the interval to leave the film on your teeth varies based on the strength of the gel which is determined by the patient's preference). Besides the whitening gel, we give you a tube of fluorine paste. The fluorine paste must be put on the teeth immediately after using the whitening gel. This is to ensure that upon extraction, food coloring particles are replaced by fluorine. The process must be repeated daily until the desired whiteness is accomplished.

Zoom Whitening

The two-week timeframe of teeth whitening at home (including the special diet) can be reduced radically by the Zoom whitening process. With this treatment a 10-shade increase in brightness can be achieved in less than an hour. The whitening gel and fluorine are applied by our dentist or dental hygienist while the Zoom light catalyzes the chemical process; altogether, the treatment takes just 3X15 minutes. It is worth a try, the outcome is astonishing! There's no shinier piece of jewelry than a bright white smile!

Cosmetic dental fillings

Composite-based fillings that completely match the color of your teeth, therefore we mainly use them on the front teeth for fractures and dental caries.

Ceramic Veneers

They are very thin layers of ceramic, placed on the front surface of teeth. They improve appearance, color and shape of teeth and are solid; their color does not deteriorate either, thus serving as long-term dental solutions.

Restorations - crowns, bridges

Dental crowns are used when the tooth surface is unrecoverable or when a whole tooth is to be restored together with a dental implant. Some are made of metal where the color is matched to the teeth using a ceramic veneer, however, the latest and most polular "tissue-friendly" crowns are made of zirconium-oxide or aluminum-oxide instead. Rock Rose Dental-Medical uses Procera dental crowns and bridges  by Nobel Biocare. If a dental implant is also applied, crowns can be fixed with screws instead of the conventionally used glue, making the connection of the crown and the implant reversible in the future; it is a major advantage of this modern way of restoration, one, that is highly favorable on the long run.

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